The 5 Best Upside Down Tomato Planters For Home Gardeners

Growing tomatoes can be a fun and rewarding experience for any home gardener. However, lack of yard space often limits people’s ability to have a vegetable garden. This is where upside-down tomato planters come in handy!

Upside-down planters allow you to grow tomato plants vertically, saving precious ground space. The planters hang from ceilings, walls, fences, or posts – enabling you to produce a bountiful tomato crop in the most unlikely places.

In this article, we will review the 5 best upside-down tomato planters on the market. We will provide an overview of their key features, pros and cons, as well as advice on how to choose the right one for your needs. Read on to transform your patio, balcony, or any vertical space into a tomato haven!

Based on extensive research and reviews, we have identified the following as the top 5 upside-down tomato planters:

  1. Topsy Turvy Original – Best Seller
  2. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm – Most Innovative
  3. Bushel and Berry Upside-Down – Most User-Friendly
  4. Tomato Upsidedown – Best Value
  5. Gardeners Supply Upside Down – Most Durable

Below you will find more details about each of these five recommended planters. We have assessed them across various factors like capacity, ease of use, durability, and cost.

1. Topsy Turvy Upside Down Tomato Planter

Key Features:

  • Patented dual-reservoir watering system
  • UV-resistant green polyethylene bag
  • Holds up to 10 tomato plants
  • Full growth capacity of 40 lbs

The Topsy Turvy Original is the #1 best-selling upside-down tomato planter. With over 30 years on the market, the patented design has been perfected for growing abundant tomato crops vertically.

This Topsy Turvy planter is constructed using a durable UV-resistant polyethylene bag. The bag’s thickness and texture keep the temperature regulated so plant roots remain healthy. The bag can hold up to 10 tomato plants spaced 12 inches apart.

The defining feature of the Topsy Turvy is its flow-through watering system. Dual reservoirs and built-in wicks control the water supply to plant roots. This self-watering mechanism ensures your tomatoes get hydrated properly without you having to water them frequently.


  • Generous 10-plant capacity
  • The patented watering system is easy to use
  • Withstands weather extremes
  • Good for patios and decks


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Need to add a stabilizer hook for balcony use
  • Drainage holes may leak onto surfaces below

Overall, the iconic Topsy Turvy Original remains a fool-proof way to grow bountiful upside-down tomatoes. The self-sufficient watering system takes care of plants even when you travel. For hassle-free tomato gardening, you can’t go wrong with the Topsy Turvy.

2. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

Key Features:

  • Self-watering tower with WiFi monitoring
  • Houses 32 plants on a compact unit
  • Auto lighting and watering programs
  • Adjustable from 4.5 to 6 ft tall

Mr. Stacky takes upside-down gardening to the next level with its innovative smart tower system. This WiFi-enabled wonder allows you to grow 32 plants vertically on an auto-watering, self-contained tower.

The tower design is ideal for patios and balconies with limited footprints. It’s adjustable from 4.5 to 6 feet tall to fit any space. The 3-piece reservoir is simple to assemble and connects to a smartphone app.

Once set up, Mr. Stacky handles all the intricate gardening tasks. Its programs automate lighting, watering, and fertilization schedules tailored to each plant. You monitor progress remotely via the app. It’s like having a personal gardener!


  • Fully automated tower system
  • Grow up to 32 plants in a compact unit
  • Saves time with smart watering and lights
  • Get remote notifications and tips


  • High upfront investment
  • Can seem complicated to operate
  • Needs to be near the electrical outlet
  • Limited customizability

For city dwellers with busy lives, the Mr. Stacky self-contained smart tower takes urban gardening to new possibilities. Take your tomatoes to new heights with this innovative, automated system.

3. Bushel and Berry Upside Down Planter

Key Features:

  • 24-gallon bag capacity
  • Built-in water reservoir for extended watering
  • Sturdy steel frame with rotating hanger
  • Fits 8 tomato plants with supports

Simplicity meets functionality with the user-friendly Bushel and Berry Upside-Down planter. The durable steel frame and large polypropylene bag make growing bountiful tomatoes a breeze.

The Bushel and Berry impresses with its huge 24-gallon capacity bag. You can grow up to 8 tomato plants in this bountiful planter. The built-in water reservoir reduces watering frequency. An overflow valve prevents excess moisture.

The steel frame provides industrial strength to position massive tomato yields. Yet the frame ingeniously collapses for winter storage. The frame also allows rotating the bag to optimize sun exposure.


  • Spacious 24-gallon bag
  • Built-in water reservoir
  • Steel frame distributes heavy loads
  • Easy to assemble and move


  • The big size makes ceiling mounting hard
  • Water reservoir tricky to fill
  • Need additional tie-downs in wind
  • The lower portion gets less sunlight

For prolific tomato growing in a user-friendly package, the Bushel and Berry Upside Down is a superb choice. Its spacious bag and water reservoir are perfect for maximizing your upside-down harvest.

4. VegTrug Patio Planter

Key Features:

  • 39-inch elevated bamboo stand
  • Expandable trellis for vertical growing
  • Sub-irrigation system for self-watering
  • Made of eco-friendly wood/bamboo

The Tomato Upsidedown offers an affordable way for budget-conscious consumers to try their hand at upside-down tomato gardening. At under $20, it delivers good functionality without extra bells and whistles.

This cylinder planter is made of a breathable polypropylene mesh fabric. The material allows air circulation to plant roots while also retaining moisture. The cylindrical shape and 12-inch diameter provide enough space for up to 4 tomato plants.

A key advantage of the Tomato Upsidedown is its lightweight design. At just 2 pounds, it can hang from various mounts without needing industrial support. The steel hanging wire at the top along with a metal ring at the base provides structure to the fabric planter.


  • Very affordable price
  • Lightweight to hang anywhere
  • Good for first-time users
  • Allows airflow to roots


  • Small 4-plant capacity
  • Fabric susceptible to tearing
  • Watering can be messy
  • Needs consistent watering

For growers uncertain about inverting their tomato crop, the Tomato Upsidedown lets you experiment risk-free. Before investing in a premium upside-down planter, test out this budget-friendly option!

5. Gardener’s Supply Upside Down Hanging Planter

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty landscape fabric bag
  • Rust-proof aluminum frame
  • Mesh pockets for complementary plants
  • Handles make rotating effortless

Serious tomato growers should check out the Gardeners Supply Upside Down. With industrial-grade materials and innovative design features, it can handle bumper crops season after season.

This sturdy planter is constructed from weather-resistant landscape fabric with a rust-proof aluminum top ring. The triangular shape, mesh pockets, and 20-inch diameter provide ample room for up to 4 large tomato plants along with complementary herbs and flowers.

Integrated handles make rotating the Gardeners Supply Upside Down effortless. Turning enables even sun coverage for lush growth. The aluminum frame also serves as an integrated hanger that prevents the bag from sagging. Drainage grommets prevent water pooling.


  • Tough landscape fabric
  • Handy rotation handles
  • Aluminum frame distributes weight
  • Mesh pockets for herbs /flowers


  • Higher price tag
  • Heavy when loaded
  • Drainage can still be messy
  • Limited 4 plant capacity

The Gardeners Supply Upside Down is built to last many seasons and heavy crops. If you want a durable, well-designed planter to maximize your upside-down harvests, it’s a sound investment.

Buyer’s Guide

Upside-down planters come in many shapes, sizes, materials, and configurations. Assess the following factors when choosing one tailored to your space and green thumb skills:

Location Assessment

Measure precisely the vertical dimensions where you will hang the planter. Height, width, and mounting surface dictations may limit model options. Prepare the materials and hardware needed for securely installing hanging planter hardware.

For balcony railings, utilize sturdy hooks, brackets, or stands that position the planter’s top sufficiently below the railing cap so you can comfortably access the plants. Wall mounts like sturdy nails or stands must fully support maximum weights when saturated.

Prepare the mounting location by sealing surfaces to protect them from moisture damage. Validate that any hoses or cords reach power outlets without posing tripping risks too.


Determine how many tomato plants you wish to grow and the corresponding bag capacity needed. Smaller containers around 5-7 gallons house 2-4 plants. Larger grow bags around 20+ gallons accommodate 8+ tomatoes. Remember to factor in vertical vine length needing support too.

Available space is a related sizing factor. For limited areas favor narrower or modular containers allowing you to mount multiple units. Plus explore compact varieties requiring under 2 feet between planting pockets.

Irrigation Mechanism

Traditional hand-watering upside-down containers can be tedious, especially when mounted high on walls. Seek models with integrated reservoir bases when feasible to significantly reduce watering frequency.

Self-watering planters connected to drip irrigation systems are ideal. Fully automated smart systems with electronic water valves and moisture sensors take irrigation hassles off the table! Just budget significantly more.


Breathable fabric planters offer flexibility but typically require sturdy supporting frames as the lining alone can’t hold saturated soil weights. Plastic polymers handle weather fluctuations well but can get pricey for larger units. Steel/aluminum frames provide a solid structure for heavier crops but watch for potential corrosion over time depending on the environment.

Consider cleanability too for multi-season usage. Metal wireframes enable easy wiping and sanitization after harvests. Removable fabric liners enable machine washing to revitalize planters over the years.


Evaluate how easily you can access both ends of your inverted tomato garden. Low-mounted planters may allow tending plants from below. However, elevation requires convenience features like irrigation line taps, flip-down accessory trays, and rotation hanger pulleys or levers.

Spot potential hassles removing ripe tomatoes dangling several feet over your head! Go beyond impressive specs by validating that the upside-down planter doesn’t become a pickle when maintaining your plot daily.

Start Growing Tomatoes Upside-Down This Season

Upside-down tomato planters enable you to produce abundant crops vertically in unlikely spaces. No longer is a traditional garden bed required!

As covered in this guide, these innovative planters feature customized watering systems, strong frames, and breathable bags purpose-built for optimum upside-down tomato growing.

The best upside-down tomato planter options range from user-friendly entry-level models like the Tomato Upsidedown to high-performing automated towers like the Mr. Stacky Smart Farm system.

Match your chosen planter’s features and capacity to your gardening ambitions. With the right upside-down planter bringing tasty tomatoes within reach anywhere, you will enjoy turning small spaces into upside-down growing wonders!

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